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This weekend we were at Undercover Cooler Event at the Undercover Nurseries in Santa Cruz.

This is a brand new, showroom, PDX fete to the Carnival roster but more than that, it is the first ecofriendly carnival fete of any kind here in T&T.

The whole idea of the event was feting ‘green’ and reducing your carbon footprint. Undercover banned the use of styrofoam at the party because as everyone knows, the only thing that lasts longer than styrofoam is that Palance song from JW and Blaze.

The party was set in the picturesque grounds of the sprawling Undercover plant nurseries property.

I had no idea that location had anything more than plants, plant pots and manure.

Speaking of plants, Undercover pledged to plant one tree for every ticket sold. Since I was personally responsible for four tickets being sold, I enquired if I could get four female plants. There was a constant odour in the air that suggested other patrons were already consuming theirs at the venue.

There was a section of the party called the Eco-Village which featured a number of environmentally-friendly initiatives. At the bra-pong station, you could win eco-friendly prizes by throwing 3 table tennis balls into the bra cups on a board. There was also a Carnicycle station where you could bring your old costume for them to recycle, although, to me, certain mas bands have been recycling designs for years.

Undercover had no artiste performances, which was expected given the extremely affordable price of $200. One of the things not undercover was the vibe. The party had a buzz, a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ amidst the scenic bush of Santa Cruz. Even the mosquitoes were co-operating, which meant we didn’t need to use the bottle of Off insect repellent we had chilling in the cooler. The sudden rain showers didn’t dampen the enjoyment either, in fact, it made it even more vibesy which just proves my hypothesis that water=vibes.

LED bulbs are a good start to making people think about the environment but I think feting green takes it to another level. Reducing your footprint is always good, although from the size of one young lady’s foot last night that might be a challenge.

Undercover proved that it is possible to fete while still caring for the environment. I just hope the promoters remember me next year when tickets become harder to get than a TTRideshare at 4 am in a ‘hot spot.’ 

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