So yesterday my alma mater St. Mary’s College aka College of the Immaculate Conception aka CIC aka the best school in the world had their first ever open reunion fittingly called Ultimate Reunion. By open reunion I mean that all years came together, not that this reunion was free to see other reunions even though certain people does tote feelings and spy on yuh from the carpark at movietowne.

As I’m driving across Park Street heading to the school, minding my own business, I’m suddenly reminded why “tong” is a magical place. Upon reaching the vicinity of Globe cinema and Green Corner, there’s a vagrant walking in the middle of the street naked as he born. He was wearing what appeared to be a yellow sash around his waist like he just win Mr Congeniality in the 2019 Streets of POS pageant. I felt really sorry for him though because clearly he was born with a terrible deformity and was struggling to walk with what had to have been a third leg.

Anyway, I arrived at the school just in time to join the tour when it reached the old form 1 block, the scene of many a beating we all received from form 4 and 5 students as well as the dean Mr. Lee John. However when the tour guide asked “who remembers the toilets?” and proceeded to guide the group in that direction that was my cue to locate the bar, as there’s nothing they could do to a school toilet that would impress me.

The bar was situated in the Centenary Hall, the place we had all school assemblies, table tennis tournaments and saturday detention moving chairs because we were talking through said assemblies. The hall has been air conditioned since my time which personally I find takes away from the experience as the heat added to the restlessness and general chatter while the principal was talking.

Speaking of chatter that’s the one thing that has endured the test of time. I’m clearly older and more mature now because the incessant talking during people’s speeches yesterday me want to revisit my younger self and grab the mic and cuss everyone. Poor Jules Sobion of Caesar’s Army renown was trying to give a moving speech about his rise to power while the hall sounding like tanties haggling over tomato prices in the Port of Spain market or a Parliament session.

There was free finger food which included miniature pig and hops (the hops were miniature not some tiny pig), meatballs, accra and veggie samosas. Free scotch, rum and vodka cocktails were also available. Naturally CIC men found ways to convince the bar staff to give us the alcohol and keep the fruit juice and stinging nettle bush.

In the end they got everyone to sing the college song and do a Razz. If you don’t know what a Razz is then you clearly never went to a colleges league or an intercol game or you’re from some remote part of the country like Couva.

I know you’re reading this and waiting for the part about tickets for Fete with the Saints. NO there were no tickets for FWTS on sale but they will be available to the public from January 6th at the school. Also NO is the answer to the question can I get you a discount on 40 tickets.

The lime spilled over into Cookin Vibes and then to Pub House after we were politely told by the lovely “Vibes” staff in their salsa accents that we don’t have to go home but we can’t stay there.

So anyway, moral of the story, send your child to CIC, make your cousin send their child to CIC, make your neighbor send their child to CIC too because we only make find upstanding members of society like myself, Kes and the DJ who shall remain nameless.


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