The band starts off at 7:00am on Tuesday and we usually join them about an hour into the parade. This year, for obvious reasons, we got a late start but after arriving at QRC around 10:50am there was still plenty of parking available.

Of course you know we had to spend about 15 minutes of me playing best wire bender fixing miss lady costume only for her to decide to “dash wey” the backpack and leg pieces. My costume consisted of only a Tribe shorts and snazzy Nike sneaker boots because after waiting 2 hours to collect my costume I didn’t go down to the customer service section to check the items in the box. Lesson learned.

Using our superior navigation skills and years of mas experience we figured the band would be heading toward the Socadrome at that hour and caught up to them at the end of the Avenue by that one place that has had more bars than Jyga has had sobriquets.

As we got to the band we saw my missus “man crush” Problem Child and she proceeded to take the opportunity to pelt a jam. I had no issue with that but I made sure to stop her before she “Feel It” because after that Problem is the one woulda need insurance.

Once we got into the stadium we waited for what seemed like an eternity for our turn to cross the stage. The heat from the sun felt like we were next to the tawa in the kitchen of a roti shop, in a galvanize shed. The wait wasn’t too bad though because Tribe had gin and tonic flowing like water. Therefore I chose to stay very hydrated.

When it was our turn to cross the stage we could see Problem Child was having problems getting Tribe security to understand that he is a celebrity and don’t need a Tribe ID band. I guess his song playing on the truck at that exact same moment wasn’t enough evidence for the security.

We usually stick with whatever truck we boy Shal Marshall is the DJ on and we weren’t disappointed. They hyped us up with Nasty Up from Problem Child and once the security released us, Shal released the Kraken! Stage Gone Bad!

They played that tune for what seemed like a full 10 minutes. I asked him if he was trying to kill me because every single time they pull it up I sing it again like it’s the first time. It was pure chaos on stage. Through the madness I saw that Mr. Child was able to convince them to allow him on stage.

Tribe usually has a number of celebrities passing through the crowd and this year was no different. I saw Bunji, Machel, Iwer and Super Thick Ri Ri (or is it Superstar?) in the band. Bunji and Kees performed on the trucks going through St. James. I didn’t see Nicki Minaj but there were plenty other big bottom girls of Indian descent to gape at so I was good. Before allyuh go mental, I appreciate hot women of all makes and models.

The lunch on Tuesday wasn’t as good as Monday. It seemed the lunch people just kind of phoned it in. Which is why heading to Las Lap was a must. That late bake and shark or pizza snack is a life saver. Las Lap is one of the things that sets Tribe apart from other bands. All Tribe affiliated bands gather for one final jump up in King George V park (don’t tell me but no Nelson Mandela park).

Just like that Carnival 2020 was over. All the weeks of feting (about 15), exercising (sometimes), eating right (kinda), culminated in 2 days that went by faster than change when you break a hundred dollar bill.

T&T, party done! Time to get back to work. Next week for me though.


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