Yesterday we did a mid-week pump at Jus Bring It (JBI) food inclusive which is a collaboration between Kairi People and the Fatima Old Boys Association (FOBA). It was set in the Playa Del Este Private Resort in Salybia (not Sally Bay).

The trip to Salybia in the maxi was long but pretty uneventful, apart from the man driving on Wrightson while sharing a spiff as long as his arm with a gyal in the passenger seat. Yeah man, only in a dwelling ent. Decriminalization for the win!

Once we passed Valencia the road looked like it was bombed by the allies, clearly not Iran because, as we’ve seen, they can’t hit anything. The road was one bump away from being smooth. There were craters the size of small cars and yet fools were still overtaking.

When we arrived the fete was already in full swing. There was food like rain. Bake and shark, macaroni pie with all manner of chicken, dhal and rice and even buss-up-shut. When I thought “let me go eat before the food finish” they announced there was a sequel to the food and not no rubbish sequel like John Wick 3 eh. All at the end of the party there was corn soup and doubles.

Unfortunately there was also rain like rain. If it wasn’t falling hard and forcing people to seek shelter under structures and random people umbrellas, it was looming menacingly in the background. However it couldn’t kill the vibe because after that 3 hour drive people were determined to enjoy themselves.

A fight broke out between a lady and bloke in the middle of the crowd. All we saw was the guy rushing in to collect a left hook, right hook, uppercut combination before he wrapped her up in Floyd Mayweather fashion. I thought there was way too much holding but the ref chose to allow it. When the police arrived she alleged that the dude snatched her chain and she dealt with him. However, as the alleged chain was nowhere to be found, they were both allowed to continue partying. In my day the cops woulda take both parties outside and sort the situation out with some pointed questions and hard slap.

JBI had performances and DJs like whoa. The lineup included Patrice Roberts, Nadia Batson, Blaxx, Lyrikal, Problem Child, Voice, Swappi, Sekon Sta, Shal Marshall, Dawg-E-Slaughter and Excalibur International, Nuphoric, some dude from Barbados who I shall call Lil Rick 2 and some other artistes whose names I also didn’t get. People told me Lil Bitts performed but I didn’t see her which is a much bigger disappointment than not hearing her.

Something must be wrong with me because during the performances I stood there wondering why Preedy looked like he rocking some kind of curly hair rasta mullet and Shal always coasting this headband looking like a bald bronze John McEnroe.

This party was a more mature crowd which makes sense as it is in the middle of the school day. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t see any walkers or Life Alert necklaces but my crew and I were at the lower end of the age range. None of which mattered because everyone had a great time.

JBI is a decent option if you’re looking for something different. I had to ask my boy from FOBA if they’re laundering polymers because I still don’t understand how they could provide all that food, performances like it’s Army fete and an amateur mixed boxing match, all for the price of $350.


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