I hope allyuh checked out the segment on CNC3 last night. If you missed it because you live in “foreign” or you don’t have local tv because you have one of them streaming devices then you can scour the various social media platforms for CNC3 content. Don’t worry I hold no judgment on your internet piracy.

Seeing that I’m a review crackhead but can’t review the fete because of my CNC3 arrangement, I thought I’d take a look at the actual filming experience and some of the things I learned.

First, it’s hard to keep your eyes open, without looking like you just snorted a few lines of geera powder, when the light from the camera is bright like you’re in an interrogation room, not that I’ve been in one, lately.

When you’re not a natural smiler it takes a conscious effort to try to smile on cue without looking like you want to put people down into a well and say “it puts the lotion on its skin.”

It’s weird when you actually hear your own voice on camera. You end up thinking who is this person and why do they look like you but sound like a weirdo?

Gin and tonic is a great combination, gin and tonic and a mic, not so much. By the end of the segment Gordon’s was at the helm. It didn’t help that I was conscripted by a padna to try the free Campari concoction they were handing out.

Finally, I learned that weird things happen when you’re not on camera that don’t make it into the segment. For example, after we wrapped up filming and the TV crew left, one young lady with an American accent came up to me, asked if my wife was around and when I said no she proceeded to jam me like she now escape from Golden Grove and could be recaptured at any moment.

When I asked the young lady how she knew I was married she explained that she didn’t. Apparently her Trini friend told her that no matter what they say, all Trini man have a woman so it’s best if you assume that going in. Phew, I was worried she was with a company whose name rhymes with Bambridge Canalytica. Anyway the jam was appreciated.

If you missed the segment well, as soon as I find the link I’ll post it. Going forward it will be on CNC3 during the news hour which you should be watching as a proper adult. For those streamers that I mentioned earlier, CNC3’s website has a live stream you could access. The written piece should be published in the paper sometime this week and I’ll post the link for that too.

Next up: Undercover


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