Bayview is THE most sought after fete ticket for the carnival season. Each year people could be seen on various social media platforms or even in person saying “looking for 2 Bayview tickets?” I always tell them it’s harder to find those tickets than a doubles man who knows what slight pepper is.

As sure as Iwer George will walk out on stage with a 250ml bottle of water to wet the entire crowd, so too there is always traffic from the Westmoorings traffic lights whenever I’m heading to a fete down Chaguaramas.

The party started at 2pm and we got there around 4pm ish. Parking was a breeze and there were lots of shuttles waiting to take you straight to the entrance in the compound of Five Islands Amusement Park.

As soon as we got to the entrance the crowd confirmed something I’ve always been told about Bayview. This party is an old fowl dance. Not only that, it’s all those mature ladies who still think they’re in their 30s and rocking halter tops and “batty riders”. The men ain’t backward either with their canes and vacation hats.

Don’t get me wrong, not everyone in the party was like Blanche Devereaux from Golden Girls or Samantha Jones from Sex in the City but the mix was skewed toward that demographic. I must say though that none of that affected the vibe.

The actual party was set on a specifically made deck right next to the ocean which made for a light breeze. This was absolutely vital seeing as there was no form of shade and that 4pm sun was ridiculous. I knew we were getting Saharan dust but I didn’t know the Saharan sun was coming along too.

At one point there was a brief rain shower which some suggested was blessings from the late Wayne Cordner, whose untimely passing still resonates with most people at the fete. There was also a release of balloons later on in his memory which made many misty eyed.

In terms of entertainment we were treated to Nadia and Patrice. The DJs were also on point. If people don’t know that Stage Gone Bad is road March then their ears are blind and numb. I jump so much and so hard that I split my fancy pants straight down the crotch area.

Of course you know I continued to party. Around 9pm it was time for an always excellent veggie burger from Chef Mic’s Food Truck and then time to go. We had to leave early to get some rest for AM Bush in Wallerfield, which we didn’t end up making it to after all.

Bayview is a nice mellow party with good vibes, great people and plenty atmosphere. There were lots of people but it still had space to move (and jump). However, I’m not sure it’s a party I’d run down to go in the future. It was a decent party but I don’t understand all the hype.


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