Collection of packages for Caesar’s Army’s AM Bush 2040 j’ouvert party started today at Queen’s Hall.

According to the distribution schedule, today’s collection was from 11am – 2pm and then from 4pm – 7pm. Now having gone through the Tribe debacle yesterday I decided to get there early because I was in no mood for further shenanigans.

I arrived at 11:05am only to discover that I was not as early as I thought. People were waiting there since 10:30am.

Now I could have gone tomorrow when the time slot is 12pm to 6pm as I would be on vacation but the thing with costume/package collection is, every day you wait the number of netted dresses draped over ill-fitting thong bikinis grows exponentially. Every day more and more brothers show up in ridiculous shorts paired with tall white socks and pristine white sneakers (I think the kids call them kicks these days).

Queen’s Hall is a decent venue for pickup as there’s parking, it’s air-conditioned and they provide lots of comfortable seating. The went a step further and opened the bar for people to purchase “refreshments” which was a brilliant entrepreneurial move.

Caesar’s Army did the opposite of Tribe. They stuck with their usual paper ticket system. You know, the one that works so well for the banks and whe-whe man. Once you got your ticket you waited in the big waiting area until you were one of the chosen ones to be allowed to go upstairs.

When your number is called you walk up the stairs and turn your nose up at those stilling sitting in the big waiting area in haughty derision. Your eyes say to them, “I’m special, I’m better than you”. Until you get upstairs and have to sit down in the small waiting room with about 20 other misguided individuals.

The final step in the Caesar’s Army gauntlet of package collection is being selected to leave the small waiting area and head to the actual collection area. By now you’re ready to run like you hear them scraping the bottom of the pelau pot and you don’t have a plate. However, you keep your decorum and maintain your dignity. 10 minutes later you emerge victorious with your packages and now you are well and truly better than the poor lost souls trapped inside.

Caesar’s Army system worked flawlessly from what I could tell. Nobody made any announcements of system crashes or locho Trinis crowding the bar. There was a lot less confusion and people were generally calm.

You’re probably wondering how did their timing compare to that of Tribe’s? Well, it took the same 2 hours that it took yesterday except I didn’t have to ask any friends for help. Soooo…..I’m not sure what I’m supposed to say about that, other than always plan for at least a couple of hours when collecting packages/costumes.

Anyway, at least there are no more package/costume collections in my future this season.


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