As 2019 comes to a close I considered writing a year in review post but then I figured 1. every media company and their aunty, with the oddly well groomed goatee, would do one and 2. You don’t need me to remind you of the folly that was 2019.

2019 was a mixed bag both personally and for the country. This year saw the birth of this blog in February and I had no idea it would grow into what it is today, much like that itch between your toes you’ve been ignoring and now Lamisil is like chow-chow to it.

This was also the year a number of people close to me had to deal with personal loss, including myself as I said farewell to my mom in April having lost her to cancer. I mention this not for cheap sympathy and social media emotional Massy points but as a tribute since she was/is a huge part of why I do this.

2019 was also filled with so many ridiculous moments nationally we all naturally wondered if we are living in a real place (I know that phrase is gonna upset some but…suck it up buttercup).

Therefore I’ve decided to say good riddance to 2019 and focus on the future and what 2020 holds in store.


As you should know, Carnival is our season here at TANA’s Log as this page was created primarily to capture our Carnival fete and mas reviews but also the occasional rant.

In 2020 we will be working in collaboration with Guardian Media to provide fete reviews for TV via CNC3 and for print on CNC3’s website and in the Trinidad Guardian.

Beginning with Tribe Ice on January 4th, we will be shadowed by a camera crew to provide a first hand look at selected fetes from a fete goers perspective. These fete reviews will be available exclusively on CNC3 platforms, which are still free, and I will only provide a link to their page for the written reviews. However, those other fetes that we aren’t working together on will continue to be reviewed on this page.

You might be thinking, it’s not gonna be the same type of review that you’ve grown accustomed to or that TANA sellout. Don’t be selfish, we need to share the kicks and humor with as much people as we can. I can promise you it will be the same irreverent, brutally honest reviews as usual since I alone will continue to control the content. All the producers and editors will be doing is making sure that I don’t ramble on for too long, cuss like I working on the docks or end every sentence with “nah-boy”.

Hear nah, allyuh will need to bear with me as I’m not too familiar with this on camera thing. Some would even say I have a face for radio. However, I’m going to do my best to give you the real experience of these fetes, not the promotional, factual, Clorox-wipes, sanitized version you’ll see elsewhere. We’ll show you the lines that long like a pilgrimage, the hoggish security, the best and worst food/drinks/performances as well as the true vibes in the fete.

So I’ll post more details soon on when and where you could find these reviews as well our event schedule so you could join us this carnival. I hope Guardian Media know what they signed up for.


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