Listen, I hate to be the bearer of bad news since you all know I am a paragon of optimism and posivity but….ok that’s a lie. Anyway, here it is….evilous, wicked and bad people will always find ways to do evilous, wicked and bad things. I know, your mind is blown right? 🤯

It doesn’t matter how many Rattans color un-coordinated shirts you wear, if a man wants to do something evil he will. While I applaud these taxi drivers initiative, these fellas acting like these shirts safer than polymer notes from the CBTT. It might be just me but I find it hard to believe that criminals could copy TTPS and TTDF uniforms but could be stumped by Detour’s finest shirt-jack. I wonder why nobody copies Coast Guard uniforms though …hmm 🤔

The other thing with this that confuses me is that we’re operating on the premise that these taxi drivers are all above reproach. What stops them from using their legitimate taxi for nefarious activities or lending/renting it to some other miscreant? Hmm maybe it’s that checkered band of virtue and justice on the front of the shirt….like Kryptonite!

While I’m on the topic of being ridiculous, this naive view that the government or some other force can stop crime is laughable. You can never stop crime. Crime has been around since Cain crowned Abel with a big stone. You can reduce crime, you can make it harder for perpetrators, you can make it easier to find them but you could never stop it.

Don’t get me wrong, I would also like there to be an end of violence by men toward women but it won’t happen. As long as there are evil people, people with undiagnosed or untreated mental health issues who are a danger to themselves or others we will always have these problems. That doesn’t even factor in the socio-economic and Zess related crimes. Don’t believe me, take a look at all the developed nations with their real politicians, real laws, real police and real water companies. They still have the same crimes we have.

My point is, we can reduce crime, we can punish those who commit them more severely, we can improve the crime detection rate (maybe by requiring more than 3 passes) so that we can actually remove these pests from society. However, if we continue to make these unrealistic calls to end crime then those in authority will always have an excuse to not address the problems that are actually within their control.

So let’s end the generic call for an end to crime or an end to violence against women and come up with actual things that the powers that be can use as an action plan because like they need someone to draw them a map, in crayon and sing it like a song from Frozen.


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