You know, having worked at two pseudo government institutions, I tend to cut these “government offices” some slack. I am fully aware that these places are where efficiency and helpfulness goes to die but I am also cognizant of some of the constraints. I know the public could be unreasonable in expecting work to start at 8 am when people now looking to get some breakfast and talk about their weekend. For that we apologize.

However, when they start instituting measures that make no sense is when I get mad like the goat from sesame street. So here’s the scenario, ok fine, I accept that getting water on a regular basis is too much to ask, despite it being the first word in your name. Although that doesn’t stop you from producing the Sewage part in your decision making. I don’t even get mad when you tell me to conserve water while it have leaks all over the country like we incontinent. T&T should be wearing them fancy adult diapers that have them seniors on TV feeling swanky.

What I take exception to is the arbitrary requirements for basic information all in the name of “controls”. Imagine for me to get a Clearance Certificate I have to provide

  1. Certificate of payment from the District Revenue Office (reasonable)
  2. Statutory Declaration from the Commissioner of “Affi-davis” (Why? Like I can’t lie to he too?)
  3. Deed (reasonable I guess)
  4. Sketch of the property (not plans eh, a drawing showing directions and landmarks, as if I didn’t fail Art in school. So “pass the big tree, turn left, right. Then go straight up to the fork, then yuh see the right, doh take that, go straight…”)

I surprised they didn’t ask me for my jockey shorts size or to write an essay on what it’s like on the inside of a table tennis ball.

So, in order to refinance my mortgage I have to give Worser all the information they want for no good reason. I tell you they not good with the water part but they excellent with the Sewage.


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