I for one am shocked and flabbergasted by the revelations in this report on WASA. After years of successive dispensations engaging in nepotism and political patronage how could the company possibly be plagued by nepotism and political patronage?! Preposterous! Poppycock!!

So, when people complained for years about not getting a water supply or that when they do get it’s like a Rituals mochaccino in their taps, you mean to tell me people wasn’t getting water or their water was actually “brong”?! This makes me want to shout out the timeless Trini slang for surprise “doh eff me up this hour of the day nah dawg!!”

Color me confused because I didn’t know that the officials responsible for WASA were using the same level of oversight as the Emu from the Liberty Mutual ads. I always thought the solution to our water problems could be found by burying our heads in the sand.

The part of the report I found particularly shocking was the part that went “WASA has become an unwieldy, overstaffed, unproductive, and unresponsive organisation that has deteriorated and is no longer efficiently serving citizens.” I mean, when have they EVER served citizens efficiently??

Given the current brew-ha-ha regarding this report one may wonder how could this have happened overnight? All time WASA was the epitome of efficiency, the personification of professionalism and dedication, what happened? I mean there’s no way this was allowed to fester for decades under all manner of regimes. Right?

Anyway, thankfully someone has finally awoken from a glorious slumber, you know, the kind like when you get caught by Uncle Victor Jovica in a sleeper hold on the couch and you want to go in your bed but the couch sleep too sweet and you hearing Nailah on the radio and want to throw it out the window but can’t move….yeah like that. Maybe WASA created one pothole too many and it attracted the attention of someone in power who buss a velocity joint on their brand new PDZ Nissan Cube.

People might forget that WASA has been singlehandedly responsible for the rise of the water tank and blue soap (to get out “brong” stains from your Infinity white shirt) industries. I for one am fairly optimistic that after all this enquiry and drama, WASA will continue with more staff than customers and continue to provide the same level of service we have grown painfully accustomed to.


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