A lot of people were left clutching their figurative pearls following the announcement that Carnival 2021 is “not on”. I’m not sure what they expected seeing that Coronavirus has been in the gym all year, intermittent fasting, not eating meat, just waiting to jam up on everyone in a corner.

Some people are relieved because, apart from the risk of the virus spreading, their Carnival body wasn’t exactly on track for February 2021 (not that it would be ready for 2022 either). As I’ve said before, 2021 would have been the “frompiest” Carnival in history. You can’t expect people to be home cooking everything with Cow Brand Ghee, eating their breakfast, lunch and dinner by 11 am and expect to have abs. Trust meh, it don’t work.

Some people can’t seem to give up the ghost though. Carnival is like a good curry or that one “ex” who cut up their clothes, addictive. They’re suggesting a virtual Carnival. Their point is that Carnival is much more than just fetes, street parade and Problem Child getting stopped from crossing the stage. It’s more than Iwer singing off-key and Kees putting the team on his back to bring the title home. I know I lost some of you by mentioning Kees’s back but focus.

Yes, I agree there are some things you can broadcast to the world and possibly charge a fee but not if it’s the quality of the Soca Monarch feed that we’re accustomed to. That feed is so grainy it looks like it’s being broadcast from 1982 or we’re watching it through the neighbour lace curtain.

Then you have the issue of whether people would actually pay for virtual culture. I have no doubt the Pan-ophiles amongst us would pay to virtually visit pan yards. Things like Dimanche Gras and stick fighting as well. However, most Trinis don’t like paying for things they think they could get for free. Ask yourself how many Trinis have their own individual Netflix password or Pricesmart card. They might end up with a million people logged on and only 5 people credit cards being charged.

Foreigners might support but to me part of the appeal to them is to actually leave the cold of wherever, physically come here and immerse themselves into the culture. I’ve read that other carnivals have done it so maybe that part of it could work.

As far as fetes go…listen, I don’t know about you but I not going through any virtual fete experience either. I refuse to be one of those people at home listening to YouTube and jamming my TV. Although, if you have a “fat-back” TV you get through. I not paying to cook my own food, dress up, provide my own ambiance just to listen to a Private Ryan mix (I not saying anything else, new leaf). What kind of bizarro all-inclusive is that? That’s a non-inclusive.

Don’t get me wrong, I applaud those involved in Carnival for trying to think out of the box to still pull something off. I know a lot of people are dependent on the income and I wish them the best, I truly do. If they’re looking for advice maybe they could ask my favorite soca star Iwer how to continually throw events that nobody pays to attend.


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