Just like that it appears we have a happy ending, no not that kind of happy ending. Basically Striker and Marisol have agreed to put Striker’s indiscretion with that Teresa from the bodega behind them after Marisol’s abuela made them sit down and talk it out. Also Striker has an evil twin brother Drake who was the real culprit.

For real though, according to news reports both parties met and Unipet agreed to pay all outstanding debts and withdraw its High Court action against the State. In return Paria agreed to resume fuel supply to Unipet.

I’m not trained in the art of negotiation eh, in fact I’ve gone out of my way to duck those training sessions at some of my previous employers. However, could someone explain to me what exactly Unipet got out of this impasse that it didn’t have before?

Is it that the government agreed to give Unipet its VAT refund? That can’t be it because then what would stop another important companies from holding the Government to ransom for their VAT refund money. Maybe they’ve agreed to net off the subsidy payments the government allegedly owes Unipet and they will pay the difference of what they owe. That seems like a logical compromise. If that’s what happened then it begs the question why couldn’t they figure that out before.

To me the clear winner here of course is Paria. Yes they let the unsigned gentleman’s agreement go unaddressed for far too long but now they’ve shown they have the will to cut off delinquent debtors and will hopefully negotiate a proper agreement in January 2020.

So at the end of the day, Unipet didn’t pay their bills on time, got cut off, threatened to sue and when the smoke cleared they ended up having to pay the same bills, lost revenue from having to close because of no supply, withdrew their lawsuit and end up seemingly right where they were before.

So based on the scant details in the public domain I’m thinking maybe Unipet needs to see if SBCS or Lok Jack have a lil course in the art of negotiation they could take in the evenings or on Saturdays. They could check and see if GATE could cover it if they having issues paying for it. Might be a good idea if them schools get their payment upfront though. Just saying.

However I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s more details forthcoming in this fiasco.


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