For years I have been your biggest supporter. When it seemed like the whole world was against you, I stood there proudly as your biggest cheerleader. So for you to come and do this to me is far too much for me to stomach.

I am officially done with Neil “Iwer” George! I have been “toting water” for Iwer for years. Every performance I was usually one of the 4 or 5 people pushing up they “hand and and and and” or waving meh “rag, wey yuh rag, wey yuh rag, wey yuh rag”.

In fete when the boss start with his “Iwer George in the business 30 years” – for the last 10 years he in the business 30 years – or his “who is a Iwer George fan from long time” and launch into “Bottom in d Road”…I was always front and center.

I was witness to the injustice he suffered having watched the entire low quality production of a Soca Monarch until 6 in the morning only to see them give Advantage the title after Iwer rocked the stadium with Come to Meh….the man even show up on a crane-plane! That morning I swore to never watch another Soca Monarch again, a promise I have so far lived up to.

I also was present for the “bait-and-switch” tactics at the Savannah stage when the DJs would hype the crowd on the track with Iwer’s “Savannah” and then play Machel’s “Soca Kingdom” as soon as the security drop their arm barrier. I walked straight across the stage refusing to participate in that folly.

So now to see and hear the boss in collaboration with a man who belittled his talents and threw haughty derision on his art form is the ultimate betrayal.

Granted the feud was probably fabricated but if I am to believe in the reconciliation then I have to believe in the feud. It’s like watching Caribbean Championship Wrestling. If you chose to watch it you had to buy into and believe that Abdullah the Butcher was actually using a fork to play tic-tac-toe on Carlitos Colon forehead or that TNT was a ninja and only Uncle Victor could wake you up from a “cobra sleeper”.

The thing about that “feud” was that Iwer focused mainly on the aforementioned injustices he suffered while Machel was making personal attacks on Iwer’s lyrics and even his Iwer Wednesday concert attendance. True I never went but that is beside the point.

I know working with Machel is a proven formula to make a money but still. I feel like I get get horn but not with a complete stranger yuh know, no, worse than that, horn with the man she say mouth does smell stink and doh worry bout him because she would never deal anybody with so much hair on their legs.

So Neil Iwer George we done! Tell yuh family don’t call meh, I not coming over for lunch, I not giving yuh a next chance no matter how good granny pelau and oildown is. However, I’m not going to be the bitter ex who bad talking you to all and sundry, I just can’t defend you anymore.

Yuh cut me deep, yuh spoil meh for other soca artistes. I’m not sure if it’s the betrayal of “Conch Shell” or the assault on my cochlea that is “Stage Gone Bad” but if you can’t have “something-about-yuhself” then I can’t either.


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