So the online Trinidad Guardian, my go to source for free local newspapers, has moved to a paid subscription service. There are different tiers of subscriptions ranging from US$7 for 1 month to US$68 for 12 months.

Now, I have no issue with a company seeking to optimize its revenue streams and monetize its product. What I do have an issue with is paying for something that I previously got for free. I mean, come on, I’m Trini after all. We all know the saying “after freeness is eenis” but we still risk it to get free stuff. It is what we do.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not telling those inclined to pay for the online Guardian not to do so. If you can and are willing then by all means. What I don’t get though is that the online Guardian is now a paid service but the individual stories from the Facebook page are still free?? I’m not complaining though.

In any case, the CNC3 Facebook page is still my go to page for content. The comment section of their page is usually filled with such ignorance, naivety and rank ridiculousness portraying itself as enlightenment that it often provides me with loads of fodder for this page.

In light of the Guardian’s move and in an attempt to transition you Loggers to my very own page, I’ve decided to use this format for my posts from now on. You’ll still be able to verbally attack me in the comment section on Facebook but now you’ll also be able to share my rubbish to those people too “cool” for Facebook aka those with socialization issues. Most importantly it’s still free.

Going forward I’m going to limit my random pics (including the ever popular “pants on fleek” posts) and videos to the TANA’S LOG Instagram or YouTube accounts. At this rate I may have to hire an unpaid intern to manage this social media thing.

Anyway, let me know what allyuh think. Not that it would change my mind but I’m told it’s always good to make people feel like they have an input.


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  1. Harley Brandz

    AwesomeSauce! Congrats on the website!!

    1. Tana's Log

      Thanks. You’re the first commenter ever! Yay!

  2. JanineP

    This saddens me. Is like banking with FCB all this time and now smancypants decide to get all cornvaunt on me and switch to BEL… but it is what it is😢😢

    1. Tana's Log

      But nothing changes really. You can still comment and interact on FB. Plus I’ve seen you share links from other pages as well.

  3. JanineP


  4. Lullum

    Well done Tana. I’m along for the ride

  5. Anonymous

    Strength and powers cousin

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