So by now the whole world knows that the daughter of Double G (Commissioner of Police) was stopped and ticketed in a routine traffic stop. By the whole world I mean all of T&T and the wider diaspora who act like they more Trini than Trinis actually living in Trini. I said I wasn’t going to comment on it because of the sheer “ridiculous-ity” of it all but then I realized that is what I do.

Now I don’t know what it is that have people so rabid that GG daughter was stopped, complied with all instructions by the officer and was issued a ticket for an alleged traffic infraction of broken fog/tail lights. To me that is a non-story. The bigger story would have been if she wasn’t issued a ticket based on who she is. That would have been an abuse of power and I mean we all know that in sweet T&T, all laws apply to everyone equally and that the police are always 100% beyond reproach, without exception.

This whole incident reeks of reverse “privilege” persecution, not to mention profiling of my rasta brother (I’m half rasta….under my arms). Semi-seriously though, from the video it appears that the police were trying to provoke a reaction because of who she is to have something to post up on social media. In all the years I’ve been driving in T&T, I have never been asked to exit a vehicle and a search conducted based on a minor traffic violation. I could be wrong, I mean I’m not a police officer, well…not since my days of patrolling the highways of California on a snazzy motorcycle. It was originally supposed to be Poncherello, Baker and Red-O. My role didn’t take off because American audiences couldn’t grasp the concept. They were like “he’s not light skinned like Heavy D or Drake but he’s not Djimon Hounsou-esque either. What is he, Puerto Rican??”

Anyway, I digress….

This was clearly a case of them trying to show her acting all “privileged”. The problem is, from the video, all we could hear is one officer saying she said she is the Commissioner’s daughter and therefore exempted from being stopped. At worst that is normal Trini ranking talk, “you eh know who is me or wah?”. At best it is hearsay. For all I know the young lady could have said her father is the original Freddie from Freddie’s Bakery. Haven’t we all learned that the facts are a fluid substance to some of these officers? Good thing they didn’t have to “rush” anyone to the hospital.

Then you have the public practically pee-ing themselves in anticipation of the reaction from Trinidad’s top cop. The social media pages of a lot of Trinis were pregnant with anticipation. This is probably the reaction to G-squared being most vocal on social media and responding to even the slightest criticism. This page hasn’t been a target of a GG response yet and quite frankly I feel a little slighted. “Wham, I not good enough to be trolled or what?”

Some members of the public were probably left in a state of pure disappointment when G-Unit simply stated that this has nothing to do with him and citizens with a complaint over how they were treated could make a report to the Police Complaints Authority, which will probably move with sloth like speed to investigate but that’s another matter altogether. Listen, I am no G-man fan but he showed class and leadership here.

In any case, the bigger issue here is why are videos shot from the perspective of the police constantly showing up on social media? I may be old fashioned (from my days on CHIPS) but I believe cops should just do their jobs and not “pappyshow” the thing. Why are you posting police operations on social media? Then again, there are videos of raids posted by the official account of the TTPS so maybe this is the end result of policing being a reality show in 2021. Apparently, the millennial mantra of “if it doesn’t end up on social media then it didn’t happen” applies to policing.

If that is the case, then I would just like them to get better looking actors.


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