I’m by no means the demonstration type. While there are certainly causes I feel strongly about, I can’t take hot sun. Unless it’s football, cricket or Carnival I tend to stay out of the heat because I’m a sweaty monster. I also have sinus issues so there is no way I could handle Sahara Dust much less tear gas. Nevertheless, I have decided that recent events, both internationally and locally, have made it necessary for me to break my long standing rule of not commenting on controversial issues such as race or politics.

As a graduate of Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia, I am a believer (I would have said staunch but I ain’t want to mamaguy allyuh) in the teachings of our most famous alumnus, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. As a preacher and activist, Dr. King firmly believed in non-violent demonstration and urged his brothers and sisters to resist the temptation to pursue hate as an avenue for justice. While I’m team MLK, I am aware there are other civil rights leaders who favor a more aggressive approach and those teams are good as well, I suppose.

However, this is not a condemnation of those engaged in violent struggle because much like Dr. King in his final years, while I don’t agree, I understand that riots are the voice of the voiceless. Which explains why in a protest men would line the road with their mammy twin-tub washing machine knowing she was in the middle of a load and is licks when they reach home. Everyone has to sacrifice for their cause I guess.

The thing about the tragic murder of George Floyd which was the spark in the tinder box and the Black Lives Matter movement is that it is attracting all types. From those who want to engage in peaceful demonstration to those who are using the opportunity to sow the seeds of a racial war. Even right here in T&T it has emboldened people with various agendas to speak out and reveal their true selves. Though once the backlash starts they either apologize out of the side of their mouth or feign ignorance of the issues, something I call “selective dotishness”.

You know what I’m talking about, the people who say and do provocative things because they’re either trying to be funny or cute or because they feel comfortable sharing their true vile nature and take leave of their senses . Then when the backlash comes they have the backbone of a jellyfish and they are forced to choose one of two positions. Either they’re callous, evil and expressing their true loathsome, hateful nature or they were totally clueless that their “view” was a thing. It’s as though they’ve been living under a rock or they view the world through a very strange View Master, not the one with He-Man and Cringer, although they do make us cringe.

I mean come on, if they are aware of the issues way out in Iran where human rights is more of a guideline than a hard and fast rule, then I find it hard to believe you had no idea the implications of your very specific comment in your little shop in T&T. Another hypothetical neanderthal, knuckle dragger exposed his view of the riots as the natural tendencies of a mysterious group of people engaged in the protest. Poppycock!

Personally, I have mixed feelings about individuals sharing their rancid, festering, abhorrent and repugnant views. On one hand I find it offensive and it has no place in society. However, on the other hand I want them to expose themselves. Better the enemy you know that the enemy you don’t. Either way, I think if you’re man or woman enough to put things in the public domain then stand by it. Stay online and engage the people, don’t delete it. Come out on the steps and explain why you found it necessary to degrade this human rights message at this time. Doh feign dotishness, own yuh wickedness!


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