Sept 7th is our wedding anniversary and what better way to mark 5 years of bliss (mostly), and 14 in total, than for us to hit the tattoo parlor together for some fresh ink. If you’re interested in seeing the experience then check out the video on our YouTube channel here

Unlike a lot of people with multiple tattoos, I do not like the feeling of actually getting the tattoo. Multiple needles digging into my skin is like listening to a chipmunk version of Nailah Blackman. I am however addicted to the end product. I guess there could be worse things to be addicted to right, like sniffing glue or eating fried flour and chick peas every day.

Anyway, our original appointment was scheduled for 5pm but as luck and inclement weather would have it, the chick from Moruga who had the 2pm appointment canceled which meant an earlier slot for us.

Fast forward to 2pm and we get there only for the tattoo man to tell us miss lady showed up 10 minutes ago for her appointment. I was merely annoyed but my wife’s Portuguese blood had steam coming out of her ears. Livid was an understatement. However we figured since this lady had to come from practically in Brazil (South America not up in east Trinidad) to get her tatt, we could at least let her go ahead.

Three hours later….(and my wife is not a patient woman, which is ironic since she married me) it was our turn. Anyway…several thousand needle chook, two rum and cokes and plenty weird eclectic music later and we were done.

**spoiler alert….matching tattoos, well not really a spoiler since the thumbnail done sell it out. No, I’m not interested in your take on matching tattoos.

Once we were done it was just to race home (safely) and hope GG didn’t setup any 21st century, Covid prevention, policing exercises on our route home. Now is the “fun” part. We have to keep the tattoo moist (such a vulgar word) with ointment, avoid direct sunlight, don’t scratch it and try not to stain the sheets…not like that you perv!


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