It’s been a while since I posted any kind of videos to my YouTube channel other than the last couple videos recently urging persons to get vaccinated and showing my experience at the drive-through site at the Heliport in Chaguaramas. There are a number of reasons for me treating my YouTube channel as the love child from a horning affair. Firstly, I did almost zero research prior to starting the channel and tried to “wing it”, which had me posting all manner of erratic content. Then I decided to get more focused and did some videos on personal finance which, let’s just be generous and say, had “limited” success. Secondly, when I did post those videos I wasn’t sure if I was doing it correctly (which I have subsequently discovered I wasn’t….shocking!!). Thirdly, there were people who viewed the vlogs and point blank said they preferred the written blogs to the videos…I don’t know, maybe it’s because as I say I have a face for radio but they didn’t have to come in so brutal (like I doh have feelings nah).

However, I realized that I lost sight of why I started this blog in the first place. I started this page for me. I was urged by some people close to me to do it but it was mainly for me. Whether people accepted it or not wasn’t my concern. Don’t get me wrong, I’m ecstatic (not Machel Montano Xtatic but still) that so many of you actually like and follow this page, but even if nobody did I wouldn’t have lost any sleep over it because social media ain’t that serious.

So, that being said, and having regained the proper perspective, I’ve decided to give this vlog thing another go and wherever it ends up, it ends up. This time around I started doing proper research and a wonderful thing happened. I discovered that not only did I like vlogging, I was fascinated by filmmaking, videography, cinematography etc. Funny enough though I wasn’t as interested in photography which is weird as videos are just photos moving at a number of frames per second. Ahh boy…see, yuh boy learn some terminology already. I think I might have to learn the basics of photography first though.

Now I’m not going to just vlog and do random videos about my day because let’s face it, that real boring, ain’t nobody got time for that. I mean who wants to see me run errands and try not to slap people in El Pecos line? Not even I would watch a “day in the life” vlog of my life. No, I’m going to focus on the usual stuff like entertainment events (fete and carnival), vacation trips, me wilding out in somebody corporate box (once we allowed to be outside again) etc. However, I’m also going to document parts of this vlog/filmmaking journey especially as I’ll be teaching myself this craft using the renowned university of YouTube videos.

This is the deal though, from now on I’m only going to be posting the vlogs to my YouTube channel, so if you happen to want to see it you’ll have to go there to watch it. No, this is not a “smart man” way to get people to subscribe to my channel. In fact, while I would like as many subscribers as possible, begging people to “like” and “subscribe” to your channel is one of the things I dislike the most about YouTubers. Some of these people have no shame and ask you for a “like” at the start of the video. Not me, I doh buy “cat in bag” and I not trying to get allyuh to either.

The reason for not subjecting everyone who likes and follows this page to the vlog is because there are probably lots of people who didn’t sign up for that. Some people may just want to read party reviews or see my stupid memes and I want to respect that. I will still write my usual diatribes and reviews on the website and post those to Facebook but if you want the video experience you’ll have to check the YouTube channel here:

Now I’m not going to commit to doing a vlog every day or even every week (right now I’m still waiting on my first camera and other equipment purchase to be delivered). BUT…if you want to make it easier to know when videos are posted you can always…SUBSCRIBE….HAHAHAHA I had to.


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