Watch meh, words matter. This post might come across like I’m “dealing up in semantics” as my old economics teacher would say but it is important to get terminology correct otherwise you might approach things with the wrong mindset.

Over the last week or so the government has come out with some economic measures to try to help cushion the blow of sudden policy measures implemented to help fight the spread of Covid-19.

Almost immediately people started yapping about how it’s either focused on the privileged few or the measures are not enough. Besides the typical entitlement issues part of the problem in my opinion is that the wrong term is being used to describe these measures.

People are referring to this as a “stimulus package” when to me it is not. A stimulus package is a bunch of economic measures put in place to help bring an economy out of, or prevent a recession. It is meant to stimulate additional demand. What the government has put together in this situation is a support package designed to keep people employed and protect the vulnerable.

So this support package is more of a jockstrap than a speedo. More of a push-up bra than a boob job. It is support versus enhancement.

Economists or people with an agenda may not agree but to me the main difference in my mind is that this package isn’t meant to give you extra money to spend. It is aimed at making sure you have a roof over your head and food on your table.

So people need to change their mindset. The country already had economic problems before this killer flu. Energy prices were already in the toilet like they eat a bad oyster from the Savannah. There is no way the government could replace everything lost by people during this crisis nor should they have to. That’s what your emergency fund is for.

The government is trying to help as much as they can given that as a country we basically have a little more than camphor balls in we pockets. To fund these measures and make up for lost energy revenue, we literally might have to go cap-in-hand to borrow from every Tom, Dick and Latin American Development Bank willing to lend.

One of the biggest lessons in all of this is that if you choose to operate outside of the system then don’t expect the system to help you when water more than flour. One man was commenting that these measures don’t help the small man who never registered their business. So, you want VAT refunds having never paid VAT?

People who never paid or never made sure their employer paid their NIS (as the NIB frequently urges you to do) are worried if they will get the $1,500 per month unemployment grant because NIB is giving it out. I don’t know if they’re checking your contribution status but they should and not pay your delinquent backside.

Anyway, the bottom-line is people need to be glad for whatever little help we getting. I’m not even going to get into the nonsensical argument about why they doing it. Election year or not it doesn’t matter. Politicians be politicking that ain’t no big revelation.

Most men know the mindset you need to have. You don’t question why the hot girl choose to be with you. Why pull on that thread? Just say “yes I”, bend a knee, give thanks 🙏 and enjoy it while it lasts.


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  1. Barry

    As for NIB. Employees have been going to nib for statements and nib gives them a statement that is not up to date. Nib also tells them in some instances that contributions have not been paid in for some time. (One particular employee said they told her for over 4 years).

    When further investigation it is found that the employer has been paying contributions and is up to date with payments but then Nib tells the employee that their, Nib, records are not up to date and it reconciliation would take some time.

    This is for a few employees I know of (some now retirees) and this is now over 2 years of “begging” for record closure to be entitled to benefits.

    Many more horror stories can be told.

    Many written and acknowledged letters to nib (stamped by nib as proof of letter date receipt)

  2. Tana's Log

    I’m not sure the point you’re trying to make. Yes, I am a former NIB executive so I know the issues. Doesn’t exempt people from registering, paying contributions and making sure your employer pays. As long as you have evidence that it was taken from your salary the law says NIB has to honor it.

    1. Barry

      And I did tell you that the employees had evidence of contributions. Even stamped receipts from nib.

      I don’t understand why you did not understand the point?

      Employees are not delinquent. They work and depend on the employer to send in contributions.

      Are you saying that every month the employee must go to nib and spend half a day there to check to see if contributions have come in?

      And when told by nib that nothing is there as yet… month by month… and to have patience and wait.

      What to do?

      Just keep going?

  3. Barry

    Point I am trying to make is that there is an employee that went to nib with payslips (before Covid19 horrors) and was told that there is no evidence of payment (even with payslips in hand) and was refused further assistance until claims could be investigated. This is over 2 years now.

    Employee was given copies of payments by employer (receipts from nib with employee name and contributions. Stamped cash receipts) and yet nothing.

    This employee is not showing up as currently employed in nib system.

    Real world problems on the ground.

    This is a minimum wage worker. $17.50 x 8 hours

    $140 a day

    $2400 a month… rent of $1600.00

    2 children

    Transportation woes etc

    She has real world concerns. Not old talk

    Nib sucks at record keeping and communication

    Far less accountability to the populace

  4. Barry

    As for VAT…

    When I went to register a small business they would not accept any documents unless physical proof (paperwork) of trade over $500000.00

    This business makes revenue of approximately $150,000.00 a year. (Of course this can vary per year but I haven’t seen $200000.00 crosses as yet. We hope it does one day) Two workers (apart from owner)

    How does vat help them?

  5. Barry

    Anyway, as a former nib exec maybe you can help. I can ask the employee to contact you and you might be able to appeal to your former colleagues to pick up the file and do some work. Thanks in advance

  6. Tana's Log

    You’re right, NIB does have record keeping and service delivery issues. Nothing you’ve told me there is a surprise unfortunately.

    As for VAT, well that’s the law. You pay VAT to the government once you earn over a certain threshold. If you over pay the government owes you a refund. They can’t refund what you haven’t paid.

    Consider this, all the years the business was earning money VAT free, that was a benefit. So you can’t feel slighted now because you can’t double dip.

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