“Smart man” and “smart gyal”, now is not the time to be looking for loopholes to the Covid measures. Yes, it is very infuriating to see the apparent disparity in treatment between certain groups when it comes to enforcement of the Public Health Ordinance. Trust me I am livid at the notion that it is safe to “zess in the West” but yuh get “treat like a beast in the East”.

However, the more disturbing fact is that people are now asking for “clarification” on what they are allowed to do in their private property because the law “sticky” like the hands of a Standard 1 child who eat 5 sucker bag for lunch. People seem to believe that the important part of this whole thing is what is defined as a “public” space vs a “private” space.

Well I have the definitive answer right here. IT DOESN’T MATTER. COVID IS ILLITERATE. Covid can’t read nor does it care to. It doesn’t care about your rights or about any man-made law. Covid has one goal, to replicate. If that replication kills you, Covid couldn’t give two “ishs”. If we could interview Covid it would probably respond like Drago from Rocky IV after he beat Apollo Creed into a coma, “if he dies, he dies”. Yet we out here playing smart with foolishness.

Maybe the health authorities should take the approach of Florida. Who want to stay safe, then wear yuh mask, sanitize and practice physical distancing. All who care about loopholes and who feel party and lime more important than life then do as yuh please. Then when allyuh lying on the lawn outside Mt. Hope waiting for a bed or asking for a skip in the ventilator line then allyuh go know. Then that one extra “zess” (if yuh a certain shade and from the East) or that one extra “gathering” (if you’re a certain hue and in a private area in the West) might not seem so important.

Of course I’m not serious with that suggestion but it just shows the level of frustration these selfish, short-sighted, misguided people bringing out. How hard it is just to obey measures meant to try to keep you safe? Maybe the punishment for violating the measures should be to spend a day on a ventilator and see if you like it.

Oh gosh, allyuh think nah.


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