I’ve been reading all these stories about people who contracted Covid-19 and a lot of them say they have no idea how they got it. They all maintain they followed all the protocols and they say “I always wore my mask and kept my circle tight”. Did you really Gertrude? Did you really Bertram?

So I decided to compile a list of things that a lot of us do or don’t do that put ourselves at risk. Being a risk professional my job is not the elimination of risk (or else we make zero money, I’d be unemployed, can’t afford dog food and my 3 rotts and 1 bull terrier would eat me alive), no my job is to make sure that we are conscious of the risks taken and are comfortable with the potential damage if we fail.

Here are some things off the top of my head that we could do or not do to “protect ya neck”. If you didn’t get that reference do yourself a favour and check out RZA and GZA giving financial advice on the Chappelle show here:

This is by no means an exhaustive list so feel free to add to it but doh come with no unscientific nonsense like drink Noni-juice or wash yuh face with Zebapique or imbibe mauby everyday….actually mauby is the healing of the nation so that’s ok.

  1. Walking the wrong way down the one-way corridor in the mall or aisle in the grocery. Yes, those signs are real and serve a purpose, unlike the security who fail to enforce them.
  2. Wearing a face shield without a mask. Clearly people feel Covid-19 went to school part-time. Rule of thumb, if the health professionals wear both then you should too.
  3. Wearing a mask that is too big (fits like a loose jockey shorts) and every time you speak the top keeps flapping.
  4. Wearing a mask that’s too small (fits like you’re wearing a thong across your bingo bag sized face). So it’s either your nose or your mouth exposed. FYI your mouth and nose are both connected to your lungs.
  5. Taking your mask off and placing it on surfaces in public. You don’t know if an infected person wiped their snatty nose or rubbed their armpit for that matter and touched the counter. Besides, even without a pandemic that’s just plain “low-giene”.
  6. Not washing your mask every day. FYI they call them disposable masks because they should be thrown away frequently. You might be able to get away with flipping your drawers but not your cloth mask.
  7. Maintaining a “bubble” of trusted friends and family. Unless you follow them 24/7 and know how and with whom they interact you’re just playing the lottery (but the odds are much lower). If you left your house to visit mammy for Mother’s Day then guess who’s part of the problem.
  8. Not sanitizing shopping items. Yeah it’s a pain, and even I slack with this one but imagine how many people touch your food items and put them back in the grocery. Again, even without a pandemic you don’t know who dig their nose and touch the one banana you bought (because we not buying 2 these days). LOL I had to.
  9. Not temperature checking yourself or other members of your household regularly (use the temp gun not the one to stick in anybody arm pit or….)
  10. Not maintaining proper social distance. Do yourself a favor, grab a tape measure and see exactly how far 6 feet is. Then think if that’s the distance you are always maintaining. Now slap yourself because I’m sure it isn’t.
  11. Playing best employee. Going to work sick or to the office when you don’t need to. Listen, if you were a good employee before Covid being listed as non-essential doesn’t mean you are not valued at your place of work. If you were deadweight before the pandemic I guarantee your coworkers and bosses already knew it. How much value do you think you’re adding by bringing a deadly virus into the office?
  12. Shaking people’s hand or giving them a “bounce”. Stop it!! Elbow bump is the acceptable greeting. Maybe you would rather I hit you a WWE “people’s elbow”…..and make you smell what TANA is cooking.

If we think a little bit and put more thought into what we do and how the virus could get us we would be better able to stay safe.


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