The first thing people need to know is that Coronavirus is one word. The makers of Corona beer reported that they suffered US$170 million in losses because ignoramuses out here calling it Corona Virus.

Trinis love a bacchanal and drama. Yes, this pandemic is a serious thing and we need to be vigilant and determined but the amount of doomsday gobar people getting on with is ridiculous.

Left up to plenty people they would manage their life and the country based on fear and panic. Coronavirus in China? Then close all the borders indefinitely. Forget tourism and international trade. Forget the fact our economy imports everything from food to medicine.

People who are anti-carnival are still releasing verbal diarrhea about carnival being a bad idea and predicting some kind of apocalyptic plague. The fact is anyone who travels for business or vacation could bring it from anywhere at any point in time.

There are also people talking about why the window for restrictions on people who have travelled to at risk countries is only 14 days and that it should be more. Based on what? According to the WHO the incubation period of the virus is, surprise surprise, 14 days.

Other people are asking why no precautions and restrictions were in place before carnival? Well they were. Restrictions were also in place in a lot of these other first world countries that didn’t have carnival and guess what, they still ended up “in the prime of lime” like Monica Geller.

New cases are declining in China and work is feverishly underway globally developing a vaccine. The Israelis claim to be weeks away from having one and some experts estimate it might be mid year before the world has a viable vaccine. However there’s still the problem of mass production. There is also the problem of how accessible it will be or affordable.

The US government dude in charge of this health issue has said the government can’t cap the price because they need private sector involvement to develop the vaccine. Of course the public and other politicians lambasted him like he was Nicki Minaj husband.

My biggest problem with this whole situation is the constant spam text messages I keep getting from the Ministry of Health (MOH). First of all, I never gave allyuh my number. Everybody bingo-bag was in a bunch over Cambridge Analytica but somehow they ok with the MOH sending texts like a stalker. I feel Lead Pipe was singing about them “you call 10 times yesterday, 10 more again today”

The next thing is the actual message. You sending people texts every few days to give us earth shattering information like 1. Wash your hands. 2. Cover your mouth when you sneeze 3. Sneeze into a tissue and throw it away or the most mind blowing of all, masks don’t protect your eyes. These are lessons your mother should have taught you when your biggest concern was conjunctivitis aka “red eye”.

Anyway, I ain’t no doctor and certainly not an etiquette coach so lemme bat in my crease. I’ll just keep on the look out for the MOH texts to wipe my bottom and throw away the toilet paper to prevent Cholera.


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