Yes friends the long awaited cricket match between Fatima Cricket Club and Razzatazzers (CIC) is on once again. On July 26th 2020 these two giants of part-time, amateur, recreational, fete match cricket will do battle for the coveted Holy Ghost Cup. Granted it’s the inaugural game of this said rivalry so I’m not sure who’s coveting the trophy but whatever….semantics.

Pay no attention to the Rib House box on homie desk

The Covid-19 lockdown in March may have saved Fatima from a grueling battle against former, almost elite players, just south of their prime but it only served to make us even heavier….err I mean stronger.

Right now we don’t have a confirmed venue but we have a few options (probably Barataria…past the Lighthouse…IKR!). Then again it’s not like you’re coming out in the dust and oppressive heat with your mask on to catch a glimpse of me in my brand new “saga boy” uniform and fancy gears, sharing licks like granny with the guava whip she sent you to pick for your own cut-tail.

Listen, we ready for dem! Since the end of the lockdown we’ve been in the nets practicing once a week and using ice, cataflam and soft candle for the following six days to recover for the next practice. At the end of this week’s session men all on the ground like it was the aftermath of the last fight scene in any kick-up in Palladium Cinema…not Rex or Ritz because we all know what colour movies they used to show after hours (or so I’ve been told).

However, we have a “winning” strategy. We plan to bat first. That way if we get bowled down for 42 runs then we could start the drinking segment of the competition earlier where we’re confident we will “win-them”. Plus I have my own personal strategy. If we win the game then we’ll say “Fatima ain’t nuttin!” but if we lose then we’ll say “it’s not about winners or losers, it’s about camaraderie and nation building”.

For those of you with nothing better to do than to come to ridicule the pre-elderly, once we have a confirmed venue I’ll inform you here as usual. Rain is the only thing that could save those Fatima punks now. That or if they actually bowl the ball at our wicket. Yeah…we have no answer for that.


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