Unless you’re living under a rock or in some remote area like D’Abadie or Palmiste, you would have seen or read about the 100 people (including a man who the back of his head and neck resemble a famous DJ) who got caught at a Covid-19 party in a prominent nightclub in d West. Maybe he was “brainwashed”, I don’t know.

In their haste to show the public that they are egalitarian (look it up) and believe in one law for all, the TTPS put out a poorly lit video with ridiculous, dramatic background music like one of those videos from a local ex-football involved politician, a ‘Jack’ of all trades so to speak. In their haste to say “see we does break up ‘west’ parties too and charge Wessers for Zessing illegally” all they did was reinforce the perception that the so called “1%” (a term I hate with a passion) are treated differently.

Everyone noticed the lack of persons showing their faces on the Soca Monarch, AVM Channel 4, looking through the neighbor curtain, quality video. Nowhere in that video are there young ladies sharing their names and addresses, which to me is a security risk but who is me to tell the “bobbies” what is a threat or not. Don’t for a minute think I condoned showing those young ladies faces or wanted them to show the faces of those inconsiderate, stupid, selfish, miscreants at their ‘residence’.

Thing is, it is incidents such as these that further widen the chasm plaguing society. If we truly reflect on it we would all have to acknowledge that one of the biggest underlying issues in the nation is classism.

If it is one thing I’ve learned from watching The Crown (I’m on season 3 so doh sell it out) and reading about the Romanov family, other than Frasier Crane was “a descendant of thieves and whores”, is that the “regular” people eventually get fed up of inequality and rise up.

Good thing Trinis are not generally the rise up type of people. Despite having a couple violent insurrections in our history we usually are only revolutionary for a few days, until the next bacchanal. Nowhere is this more evident than driving past a certain Tea Shop and a certain Pharmacy chain that were pariahs for all of maybe a week.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to incite anyone to storm the Capitol and cock-up their feet on Sister Nancy desk. What I’m saying is that in my view there is a bubbling resentment under the surface where people see our society as the haves vs the have-nots. It is up to our leaders to do better and apply the rule of law equitably or they will continue to further divide the nation.

Anyway, back to watching The Crown. I can’t wait to see when Elizabeth meets Victor and fights the Lycans. Let me just say though, I really really really don’t like Phillip.


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