I’m writing this follow up because I got tired of the ignorant comments I’ve been seeing all over social media about this money exchange. I know I know, social media is the uterus of ignorance and stupidity and me expecting anything more is like expecting Kees not to get bareback on stage.

However, one of the things this money exchange has highlighted is the extreme distrust the public has for those in authority. No matter how many times you tell people it was done this way because of national security concerns people STILL asking why they couldn’t phase this in over a longer period. I’m sure these are people who have watched “24” with Kiefer Sutherland, “The Wire” with the man from the All State commercials or even “Men of Gray”…ok scratch that last one.

My point is there are absolutely zero countries in the world where the security services are going to come out and say we are changing the money quickly because the main Penna Cool and Sucka Bag smuggler in the country is set to bring in a large shipment of red Penna Cools and Soursop Sucka Bag as well as lots of clothes-pin guns with boxes of Three Plumes matchstick ammo. We do not have to know everything people.

Then there is the story about a barber walking into the bank with $1m in cash. People online debating about whether or not a barber could earn $1m over a long period. That is not what you should be studying. Where is the outrage that there are people walking into these banks who most likely have not been paying their fair share of taxes? Every time I get my payslip I forking over money for Pay As You Earn (PAYE) taxes and every month these people Receiving Everything They Earn (RETE) while benefitting from my taxes. I’m sure these are the people who does be most vocal about the state of the roads, hospitals, schools etc. when they not contributing a damn thing.

At this point I must mention the great humanitarian act performed by an alleged thief at Trincity Mall today. Apparently the young man saw granny walking with two envelopes toward the bank and rather than steal the cash she was about to change, this fine upstanding “good boy” ran off with the bigger envelope containing all of aunty bills she was about to pay. I’m sure he was just in a hurry to go pay them and bring back the receipts. See not everything is bad news.

But back to the nonsense. People saying that the government putting people life at risk with this change over. Really? The government tell you keep $500k under your mattress? The government tell you walk down the street with $100k in a JanSport book-bag with no protection other than your rugged good looks and winning smile?

Let me break down something for you, you cannot decide you want no part of the financial system and still hoard cash. Cash is the foundation of the financial system. So saying you don’t trust financial institutions but hoarding cash is fooling yourself much like eating a big meal deal with an extra biscuit and coleslaw but ordering a Coke Zero. Apart from the risk of fires and getting your tail robbed, you run the risk that changes to the system will still impact you in a very real and negative way. I hope after this people will think twice about storing cash in their Divan.

Finally, if you telling me that your money is totally legit and you’ve paid all your taxes then how come you can’t account for how you got the money in the first place? Why not list the business that’s on your tax returns, whether it was for VAT or PAYE? You had to have been keeping proper records to pay the right amount of taxes ent? Yeah, I thought so.

To the businesses that planning to stop accepting the old 100 bill prior to the government and CBTT official December 31 deadline, may a plague of a thousand cockroaches infest your home and just when you’re about to kill them, they all start flapping their wings…..AND the Protox can wheeze its last breath.


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