It is amazing to me that people seem to think having a law which makes not wearing a face mask a ticketable offense will make a difference in this pandemic.

First off, the miscreants that don’t wear masks or don’t wear them properly aren’t going to do it just because they may or may not be fined. These are the same people who drive on the shoulder, park in handicap spots, chew with their mouths open or use the terms/phrases “coverlet” and “it making cold”.

Secondly, since when have laws designed to keep persons safe from themselves ever been effective? Selfish people always prioritize comfort or expediency over safety. For instance, there are fools that still don’t follow the seat belt law even though they’re the ones being harmed. Then we have use of cell phone while driving, driving under the influence or just having your motor vehicle inspected once it is 5 years past the date of manufacture.

Granted there are some laws so ridiculous one can’t help but wonder if someone spiked the water in Parliament that day with babash or Alcolado Glacial. For instance I could never understand how is it an offense to drive while bareback (although nobody wants to see your “man-tot-tots”) but it is not an offense to dry your ras outside the driver’s window or drive with your right arm outside the window, hanging to the ground like you playing Jacks?

Finally, for any law to work there needs to be enforcement. Who is going to enforce this new mask law, the same TTPS officers who we’ve seen either not wearing theirs or actually sharing masks? The officers that did that piece of folly might as well mix a cup of Gordon’s and Coronavirus and sip on that. We’ve all seen police sitting in vehicles watching people breaking laws and acting like little chirren playing hide and seek, where if they cover their own eyes nobody could find them.

So while I applaud the effort to do something further to fight the virus, and applauding is a serious effort with a shoulder recovering from surgery, I am not optimistic it will make a dent. Then again, some people need to wear masks just to improve the anesthetics of their face or the smell emanating from their “word hole”. I guess we’ll see how it goes.

Stay safe my friends.


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