We all know that I am a little fledgling blogger, not worthy to tie the shoe laces or wash the jockstrap of more esteemed writers such as Mr. BC Pires but I am very surprised at the article published today by the Trinidad Newsday authored by that very same writer.

The article is titled “Lazy Corridor people” and is basically a monologue from the manager of a department store whose logo appears on his shirt as told by Mr. Pires. The main message of the piece is that in this blokes view, people from South Trinidad are VASTLY more willing to work than people in the East-West corridor.

Now just like you, I felt the blood rush to the now greying sides of my temple, because my first thought was that people are already pushing divisions in our society based on race, the last thing we need is to push division based on geography. I mean come on, is how much ting we go fight about?? South people done think they have the best doubles and East people done feel because Bunji from there they have all the lyrics.

I know I jokingly “chook-ting” with people about how south of Grand Bazaar is South and East of the Lighthouse is East, except Piarco Airport because that’s the West own, but people know I’m not serious for the most part. Never once though have I made disparaging remarks about my brothers, sisters, cousins, tanties and nenens from any geographic region.

The article contains what appears to be deliberately inflammatory comments such as “In the north and the East-West Corridor, 80 per cent of workers are going to be bad. In the south, 80 per cent are going to be good.” Which leads me to believe this story can’t be real.

Not being an avid reader of Mr. Pires I don’t want to jump to any conclusions. I’m choosing to believe that this piece is some kind of satirical work that just lacked an overt introduction alerting the reader to such. Or maybe it’s part of a multi-piece story that has the punchline in the last segment. If it is satire it is in poor taste given the current climate but what makes it even worse is that it’s not even funny satire.

The unfortunate thing is that the article paints the dude giving the monologue in a negative light. Having dealt with him in the past at that very same store, he always seemed as a fine, decent young man.

So I’m not sure what the angle is or what game the Newsday or Mr. Pires is playing but I will reserve judgment until the last four cards play and I see if Jack in the game.


Here is the link to the story for reference:

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