As you should know by now, we are all up into the photography these days. You’ve probably noticed that I’ve been MIA (missing in action not in Miami International Airport….or am I?) with the blog posts for a while. That’s because these days I’ve been “down in photography and videography ears” talking about “baby I need it” (Sorry, this is a family blog). Instead, I’ve been posting my photos all over the “gram” like some kind of millennial. If you haven’t subscribed to my Instagram page ( then padna I ain’t know what to tell you, like you doh like fun. The next thing I need to investigate is starting something the young people call an “Onlyfans” or something so.

Anyway, I decided recently that if I wanted to find interesting things to photograph, other than the densely populated hillsides, badman and powerlines of the Diego Martin valley, I would need to head out on a know your country kind of tour. Yes, South and East people, relax, that means down by allyuh too. Them people real sensitive inno.

Recently we went on a hike to the pines atop Mt. Tabor. If you’re like me and didn’t grow up going to Mount St. Benedict Abbey or don’t venture past the lighthouse much for entertainment then you’re probably just smiling and acting like you know where this is. Well, it’s actually the mountain with the pine tree line behind the Abbey and is quite a little trek. Now, it’s not the most difficult hike by any stretch of the imagination but it is a decent workout and if you’re unfit like me you might feel like you’re ascending Everest.

First tip I have for the people who want to try it is arrive early. We started at 6am and if it wasn’t for me taking snaps and filming footage for the vlog, we would have finished sooner. By 8am the trail was crawling with people like ants, like somebody spill a drop of banana “see-drink”. I mean the crowd isn’t as terrible as say a funeral of a community leader or known “elements” who somehow can have unlimited numbers in this here Covid time, so yuh safe. Everyone also has their masks and are pretty respectful of social distancing rules on the trail. I mean it could also be nobody wants this unfit red man to grab on to them when he falling over the precipice.

The overall hike takes about 45 mins at a rotund, pedestrian pace. There was one guy we knew who was running up and down the trail with ease, while the rest of us wheezing and clutching for we Life Alert necklace. Pay no mind to the fact that there were older folk, kids and people walking their dogs on the trail. It’s TOUGH!

Anyway, if you would like to see the actual trek then you can go over to my YouTube channel and watch it here I feel like allyuh should already be subscribed but small ting, I guess allyuh rather watch lawyers and politicians argue about who motion was a waste and who voice was silenced and who shoulda get slap for talking over the speaker in some house.

As for me, I go keep trekking around the country trying to find non safe-zone things to photograph and film. If allyuh have a hike or a location to carry meh, send me a message…I think the people who horning call it a DM or something so.


PS: ladies, be respectful and dress appropriately as the property belongs to the Abbey and there are kids on the trail and young impressionable men studying for the priesthood at the Abbey that don’t need to see all your goods on display. I doh mind but these are men of virtue.

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