By now all of Gotham would have seen the footage of one of our supposed protectors allegedly making a deposit into his jockey shorts ATM while his colleague appears to stand guard against those wicked criminals sneaking up from behind to rob him of his hard earned funds.

Meanwhile, Commissioner Gordon though uncharacteristically quiet when his name is bandied about on social media has shown up to set the record straight. According to the big man himself the footage does appear damning and incriminating to the untrained eye but it is misleading.

Firstly, the incessant shouts to see the search warrant from the “allyuh too wicked” lady was clearly distracting to viewers. Then the assumption that this was indeed one of his henchmen is uninformed and premature. Yes he is on the same raid, under the same commander as the regular hoodlums, executing the same search for this illusive “blessing loom” but he is by no means the boss man’s responsibility. Time and again we have been reminded that the boss is only responsible for the good things done by his men.

Then there is the assumption that it was polymers in an envelope being stuffed into said alleged miscreant’s knickers. In reality the gentleman was running errands, as is customary during the work day, when the call came in that a citizen needed help counting his funds. So this diligent, team player, got out of the line in FLOW even though he still didn’t get the answer to why he can’t get IPL on this TV, and he went to do his duty.

To have him and his boss being vilified by the citizens of Gotham is incredible and laughable. Is it this bloke’s fault that the footage from the cameras were recorded remotely or that we the public don’t know how to mind our own business?

It reminds me of the words of another famous Gotham patriot who said to some clown dressed as a flying rodent:

“Oh, you think darkness is your ally. But you merely adopted the dark; I was born in it, molded by it. I didn’t see the light until I was already a man, by then it was nothing to me but BLINDING! The shadows betray you, because they belong to me! I will show you where I have made my home while preparing to bring justice. Then I will break you”.

Don’t worry boss man, we see you. We see you as you truly are. We’re no longer confused by the darkness of good PR and fancy tight shirts. We understand that no matter what, you would come to the defense of those in your charge except when the evidence appears to indicate guilt. In those instances you will righteously place the blame where it truly belongs. On us.


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