Now I am one of the first people to complain about the quality of journalism we have been subjected to during this pandemic. What has so far passed as coverage has been characterized by repeated questions, aggressive posturing, obvious agendas as well as a general lack of professionalism. I mean how many ladies with uncombed bird’s nests or men wearing t-shirts tight enough to check their blood pressure do we need to see. Not to mention some of these “journalists” who sometimes forget what they’re asking “prior” to finishing the question.

However, of greater concern, more so than Donna Cox’s weave, is the general view that people should not be asking questions at all that appears to be permeating the interwebs. Those that do ask questions are frequently attacked and labelled as being a supporter of one political party or another or just interested in “making mischief”.

In my view, Journalists have a duty to present news to the public. They are supposed to uncover information not readily available and probe those in positions of authority to hold them accountable and keep the population informed. Granted that’s not what the majority have been doing for us. Some wait patiently for their turn to provide platitudes to the panel which serves no purpose other than to curry favor (focus …don’t let the word curry distract you).

It is their duty to ask questions. It is their duty to notice inconsistencies and seek clarification. If a panelist says one thing on Monday and the complete opposite on Thursday I don’t expect journalists to follow up by asking what’s the panelist favorite color and how many episodes of Last Kingdom have they watched. I also don’t expect them to waste valuable Q&A time asking about what the panel does in their spare time. Next thing we go have the CMO talking about liking to take long walks on the beach and curling up with a good book on epidemiology.

I’ve also noticed there are lots of people with multiple personality disorder. I know I am no psychiatrist but it’s the only explanation for the plethora of people making the call in one breath to not politicize the pandemic and in the next posting messages in comment sections of media briefings and news sites to big-up their political party or some other such partisan comment. I’m not naive, I know there are people who get paid to post, I however am not one of them.

Yes, the level of journalism definitely needs to improve, because any time you start a question with “there are reports on social media”…you need to find a new career. However, there are members of the public still talking about the influx of people for Carnival which was 2 months ago and no scores of sick people have presented themselves.

So maybe we need to ‘low the media with some of their nonsense, because it’s clear some of us are no better.


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