In my previous post I promised to give the logistical details of the long anticipated match between Fatima and CIC very old boys , scheduled for this weekend. However, I was in two minds about that. On the one hand I wanted people to come out to enjoy some good clean fun but on the other hand some people out here leaving home sick, wearing their masks over their mouth alone or under their chin, or are “close talkers” who always all up in your personal social distancing space. I’m a little apprehensive especially with these new “pending epidemiological investigation” cases.

The other concern was the shadow being cast across T&T by Tropical Storm Gonzalo. While it’s being referred to as a baby storm (maybe I’m the only person calling it that), all storms are dangerous. Even the ones named after an Argentine footballer who couldn’t hit the side of a barn with a beach ball. Fun fact, Gonzalo is also the first name of a 2020 Presidential candidate in the Dominican Republic who was under a corruption cloud with alleged links to Brazilian company Odebrecht, whose name has become synonymous with unprecedented regional bribery…but that’s neither here nor there. Fortunately the track has shifted north of Trinidad. Spare a thought for Tobago though as they still under pressure.

Anyway, here are the match details:

When: Sunday July 26th, 2020

Time: 1:00PM – 6:00PM…ish (I will be there early but allyuh trinis always late nah).

Venue: Sweet Revenge ground, Queen’s Park Savannah

Yeah you read correctly, Sweet Revenge. These part-time cricketers ain’t play they have spunk and panache. Apparently this is a known ground in the cricket community. For the rest of us it’s located opposite that zoo next to the roundabout….yeah opposite QRC.

Right, let me start lining up my excuses one time. You see that pic below, that is my bowling shoulder and that little tooth on the top bone is stabbing my supraspinatus muscle (yes it’s a real muscle) every time I raise my elbow above shoulder height.

I shouldn’t even be raising my hand to ask a question like “how is it that asymptomatic people don’t have enough viral load for a proper test but Pennywise workers were “cleared” in a matter of hours of suspected exposure??”….much less bowling in a cricket match. I’ll be doing surgery soon to correct this problem, so if my bowling gets real licks on Sunday or I make a duck it’s because of that but if I have a good performance it’s because not all heroes wear capes.

Ok, so unless we get locked down again in the next couple days, pack up allyuh coolers, walk with your chairs, “ARM-brellahs”, sunblock and loads patience as we really just trying a ting. We doh expect more than 25 people but still make sure to maintain yuh distances if you come out eh.

As an added incentive for people to come out and support the better team (CIC), we will be giving out some free Tana’s Log “juzys” sans any $300 wrapped up in it. Supplies are limited so it’s first come first served eh, doh feel you could be the 1,000th person and still get free ting and IN YUH SIZE to boot.

Actually, maybe allyuh should stay home. We don’t want too much people for Double G to come shut us down, although he love his sports and apparently he don’t rate the CMO opinion even a lil bit…but that’s also neither here nor there either.

Match commentary to follow next week.


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