This is the FINAL Feting with TANA for the season. Of course normal reviews will continue on this page.

As usual, I will post the CNC3 TV segment once it becomes available.

This weekend we were at JUST all-inclusive fete in Valsayn.

This is an annual fund-raising event, started over a decade ago when a group of flight attendants decided to raise funds for the medical expenses of one of their colleagues.

This year, the fete was in aid of the medical expenses of the spouse of a CAL employee.

JUST is a small fete that takes place in someone’s house.

It’s a Valsayn house, so you know its like a small stadium.

The organisers usually cater to around 500 patrons.

Their motto is JUST the right atmosphere, food and drinks.

The party had JUST the right amount of vibes as well.

When we entered, they should have told us to make sure our seat backs and tray tables were in their full upright position and to fasten our seat belts because things were about to get lit.

The food was excellent. It was a Sunday lunch menu complete with dessert. There was rice, buttered cassava, callaloo, pigeon peas, fried plantain, fish, stewed chicken and salad. There were a cheese plate station and an assortment of desserts. The food lasted throughout the night and at the end, corn soup arrived in huge enamel pots. They even brought out fresh trays of chicken and callaloo.

The bars were well-stocked but the variety was not as diverse as most all-inclusives. Much to my chagrin, there was no gin.

However, we made do with vodka as it also gives us our powers.

The entertainment kicked off with Xavier Strings which was a violin duet playing soca tunes.

This was a different scene than what I’m accustomed to but hey, there’s nothing wrong with broadening my horizons. Man can’t live on Iwer alone.

JUST is a mature crowd, but if you think that means the party was boring you’re way off base. 

These folks knew how to cut a rug.

I was worried somebody would break a hip and spoil the session.

The pilot should have put on the seat belt sign when Nadia Batson took the stage. Nadia is one of my favourite artistes. I’ve seen her in so many fetes I feel like she’s my friend from long time. I feel like it’s me that should Swing for her and be sure her Cooler Ready. Nadia absolutely “shell down” the place.

Private Ryan had one of the best sets I’ve ever heard him play.

I’ve always said he was a good DJ but his choices are sometimes off. This fete, though, he was on point. The man played all the good 2020 soca and didn’t once cut a song just as I was getting into it.

JUST is a fete for a worthy cause and who else better to help them showcase this fete than TANA. This fete was pure vibes and I hope they could expand and share it with more patrons.


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