So Sekon Sta had his little get together in Queen’s Hall on Sunday and from all accounts it was highly successful using the brand new, showroom, plastic-on-seats for six-months like a clown, pandemic yardstick of success. Gone are the days when 25 people come to your dance, a brown dog run through, men have space to play “small goal” and people would say it buss or compare it to Iwer Wednesday. No, now such attendance is, for a lack of a better term, “the new normal”.

Relax, I am not here to bash anybody’s endeavor to keep the “cyanival” alive. I know that whereas the carnival is “wine and jam” for me, for others it’s art, festival, culture and more essentially a source of income.  So kudos to them for still doing their thing in this here Covid time. I see some haters trying to fight the thing under the guise of being concerned about Covid. Shame on you! When you all over the place wearing your mask like a mental defective or all up in your giant family lime/wedding/zess over the holidays yuh wasn’t studying that though.

However, I am here to write from my perspective on the event though because after all….it is what I do. Also, I’m here to stop some people asking “Tana we ain’t see your review of Sekon Sta shindig”.

Sekon Sta production was apparently well done and appreciated by many but a carnival knuckle-dragger like myself probably would have been disappointed (if I did get a invite nah,….nah I not bitter. LOL).

First of all, that event was a “show” not a fete. A show is where you dress up nice, get ushered to your seat, everyone remaining in their assigned position in an orderly fashion, and maintaining a order. A Neanderthal like me is not a show person. The last show I went to was Massy Trinidad All Stars Classical Jewels show in NAPA and that was under duress (thanks to Staci-Ann) even though I thoroughly enjoyed it. I’m still not a fan of the “pee-ling-paa-lang” pan thing though….COME AT ME!!

I am more of a fete kinda man. I mean you would never see me in them big flag, “sweaty-back”, gyal opposing yuh for wine, kinda fetes like Fire, WASA, Licensing or Customs but I am a fete man. I mean let’s be real, it doesn’t matter who you go to a fete with, at some point you need to take a “walk to the bar”, doh mind it’s a cooler fete. I mean it’s by the bar where you might take a lil small jam with a “smallie” or bounce up a padna who you thought was living in foreign like Tobago or something. At some point you must take a walk around to see who there nah as if you taking attendance in school. Unfortunately there’s no mingling with people outside your crew under “the new normal” and no you can’t walk with 200 of your closest friends or with people you tell your significant other is your “cousin”.

The next thing that would make my attendance at one of these events problematic (apart from not actually being invited…still not bitter), is the no alcohol restriction. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying people need alcohol to have a good time, but it helps. Kind of like how you don’t need sneakers to run but it helps or we don’t need Blaxx to keep his shirt on to….actually we do.

Anyway, the point of this post (yes there is a point), is that don’t expect to see any of these virtual fetes/shows/concerts/back yard jams reviewed here. If you were there virtually or otherwise you don’t need me. My other point is that while I understand that some people “mouth white” for a party or to run out on a stage to get a “forward” from adoring fans and to them I say go through brave, it’s not my scene…..but just because it might not be your cup of Milo with level condensed milk doesn’t mean you have to bash it. I’m a firm believer in live and let live and to each their own.


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