I realize something has to be seriously wrong with me. First of all, I’m not really a fan of doubles. It’s way too messy, I don’t like eating with my bare hands and licking my fingers or the paper like some sort of savage. So people crying for doubles like it’s a pot of pelau with coleslaw and mauby is totally foreign to me.

I also don’t eat KFC. I stopped eating it long before I switched to being a vegetarian. I stopped when I got tired of sweating it out on a toilet the next day wondering if the Alien from that flick with Sigourney Weaver was trying to escape from my large intestines.

Not to mention why would people want to panic buy something that would make them run through the supply of toilet paper they panic bought just a couple weeks ago?

However, being a man of the people, I could maybe get why some folks like these things and I believe in the old adage “to each his/her/their/it’s own”. We have to be careful with the pronouns used in these modern times.

What I don’t get is how Sauce could go from being the champion of doubles vendor’s equal rights to being the Grinch that stole fast food in the matter of 24 hours. Well I guess they got the equal treatment they wanted, just not in the way they hoped or expected. I doubt they knew they were on a Kamikaze mission until just before their plane they hit the deck of the ship.

The thing that’s really baffling my feeble mind are the people saying in one breath that the government should forgo taxes to give people liquidity in this time and in another asking about assistance from the government.

I must be a mental defective or maybe the money tree in my yard just lazy, but where do these people expect the government to get the money to provide assistance if they don’t collect taxes. Maybe the water lord Iwer George could call down some cash like manna from heaven, although it might just be the usual 250ml amount.

I’m even more confused when I hear the Minister begging the people hoarding prescription drugs used to treat Lupus that they don’t need. My simple mind asks things like if they don’t need it then how did they get a prescription? If didn’t have a prescription then how did they get the drugs without one?

Another mystery to me is why are people surprised that 2020 has started like it’s the end of days. People forget this is the year Machel got married, Swappi got engaged, Iwer win Soca Monarch and Road March and Liverpool was 25 points clear atop the EPL. Of course the Universe would figure things are completely out of whack and now is the time to hit the reset button. Somewhere, the titan Atlas probably put down the globe and called IT asking if to try CTL-ALT-DEL.

Anyway, pay no attention to my random thoughts. I know I’m not the sharpest crayon in the box or the brightest bulb on the self…aye, speaking of which, any word on them bulbs?


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