Watch meh…I was elbow deep in researching the origins of this ridiculous conspiracy theory that 5G caused Covid-19 and was about to intellectually “tar and feather” the feeble minded individuals who subscribe to such bile, when I came across the latest from the mystery known across the interwebs as Glenn Ramadharsingh. So I’ll tackle both.

Glenn Ramadarsingh is an enigma, a mystery wrapped in a riddle. I hope he doesn’t mind me calling him Glenn because a man of his skill set and obvious talent deserves the upmost respect and admiration. We’ll get to his particular talent soon enough.

First let me dispel with this 5G conspiracy nonsense in 2 shakes of an elephant’s….trunk. Ok, so the aluminium foil-hat wearers are trying to link the December 2019 outbreak of the Coronavirus in Wuhan China to the erection of 5G towers in that province in November 2019.

5G haters aren’t a unique breed (unlike Glenn). For years they’ve been saying it causes changes on a molecular level and yadda yadda when in fact the radiation has been proven to be no more harmful than regular cellular waves or even what the old people call your “michael-wave” (microwave).

Apart from all the science to disprove this conspiracy, basic logic is easiest. If 5G caused Coronavirus then the countries that have been using it since mid-2019 would have had outbreaks sooner than China. Also, what about the countries that don’t have 5G and still have Coronavirus?

So basically because something happens at the same time as something else does not mean one caused the other. In statistics we say correlation does not mean causation.

Yeah coronavirus flared up just when they turned on 5G in parts of China but does that mean it was the cause? That’s as preposterous as saying Iwer winning Road March was caused by him teaming up with Kees. When in reality, ask yourself which of those two never won a Road March before? So really Kees should be thanking the boss.

So back to we boy Glenn. I mean why are people even flabbergasted? The man literally has “sing” right in his very name so how can you not expect him to display his talent. Make no mistake, Glenn truly has talent. I mean it isn’t easy to listen to one song, sing the lyrics to another song while doing so to the melody of a third song. I mean that is truly amazing and awe inspiring. I am left speechless whenever I hear him perform.

If you haven’t before, then you need to treat yourself to his other hits on YouTube such as “Glenn Ramadarsingh attempts at singing Ed Sheeran” or “Every Rose Has It’s Thorns Cover By Dr. Glenn”. These two clips brought tears to my eyes and a pain in my side. Clearly I was moved by Glenn’s skills.

This is where we discuss the once in generation, prolific, unique talent that Glenn has by the crocus bag and that is his shamelessness. Glenn doesn’t care what we think. He doesn’t even care what note he should be singing in, Glenn does what Glenn does and who doh like it well….hang on, does anyone like it?

That’s neither here nor there. The philosophers among us say dance like nobody’s watching, love like you’ve never been hurt before, live like it’s heaven on earth. Well now they need to add, sing like you’re Glenn Ramadarsingh and treat Covid-19 like how Glenn does beat that guitar like it tief something.


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