First of all, I don’t for one second believe this “drama queen” contracted Covid-19 (I use that term in a non-derogatory manner). Not so much because he seems like an ambulance-chasing, limelight-grabber but because I believe Covid has standards and won’t let itself get sucked into such tomfoolery. If anything, Covid is probably ashamed to be associated with that video.

For those of you blessed to not know what I’m referring to, let me upset your calm this morning. Mr. Ian Alleyne of whatever crime show he has on local TV, I don’t know which because I watch more important things like….basically anything else on TV. Anyway, this clown allegedly returned from a very recent trip to Miami and made a video claiming to be infected with Covid-19. On top of that, he had his child film it while he displayed long crocodile tears and appears all emotional.

Maybe I’m just naturally a skeptic but I find it hard to believe that he returned, got tested at an institution other than CARPHA in such a short space of time and after testing positive was at home as normal. The video shows him crying about going into quarantine as if the child doesn’t have to go into quarantine as well.

People have subsequently said that it was fake news but even if it is true I still have a number of issues with the whole thing.

Thousands of people have died and others are fighting for their lives and this is what you will do. How demented do you have to be to make a video and pappyshow this deadly virus? Have you no conscience, no decency, no tshirts that fit properly?

Even if Covid decided to “slum it” and infect you, why are you not in quarantine? Why didn’t you quarantine yourself upon your return as a precaution like everyone else returning? Have you not seen what is happening in the world? Those ridiculous sunglasses too dark or what?

Whether or not you’re infected why would you put your child through the trauma of making that video? I am not a parent so maybe I don’t understand how these things work. Someone once told me that people should take an exam to become parents. I fully agree. A psychological evaluation.

However, my biggest issue is the fact that he is in this video with a visibly “snatty” nose that is running profusely and wiping it with his bare hand!! Not a rag, kerchief, tissue, sock, old jockey-shorts nothing. Whether it’s Covid-19 or just allergic rhinitis, what in the scorpion pepper flavored cotton candy is your problem??!! Have you never heard about basic hygiene? They need to burn that house to the ground to sanitize it.

It would be naive of me to say if he doesn’t have it then he should face sanctions from the media house he works for if not some kind of charge for trying to cause public panic. Alas, I am fully aware of where I’m living.

Now a lesser person might say they hope he does have it and that he suffers but I would never say that, out loud. The only PG word I could use to describe this man is despicable but on reflection I think that is a bar still too high for this slug of a human being.


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  2. Anonymous

    Lmfaoo!!! 🤣😭

  3. Josanne Boodasingh

    Nicely communicated Tana. I am still in utter disbelief at the selfishness and ignorance of this man who didn’t think that “a person like” him “could get it”!
    I shudder to think of the ramifications if he is positive on other people’s lives.

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