Imagine a poor attempt at replicating the new polymer $100 notes is sending people off in a frenzy. Apparently there are people out there who for some unknown reason believed the new polymer notes were impervious to counterfeiting.

Scrolling through social media and listening to people in various chat groups I’ve come across some truly bizarre queries and statements. A few contributors to an online media page asked how are people supposed to be able to tell the difference between the genuine polymer $100 note with additonal security features versus these poorly made, cotton, missing any of the new features, obviously fake bills. Well the question wasn’t exactly phrased like that but maybe if it were it could have triggered a little light bulb (LED of course) above their head.

I mean never mind that the Central Bank did a whole sensitization media blitz with speeches, brochures, newspaper articles etc. I guess until the Governor himself comes to your house, sits in yuh “gyallery”, drink some mauby from a diamond patterned granny juice glass and give you one of his personal polymer 100s, only then you would know what’s what.

One person even asked why are they describing the security features because they’re helping counterfeiters? I mean that kind of critical thinking and insight can’t be taught in schools….or shouldn’t be. It’s times like these I think as a country we wasted too much money on free education. We shoulda use the money to plant patchoi or bodi.

However, all this shows is what we all already know, Trinis love drama and bacchanal. It’s like they have nothing to do with themselves when the day come so instead of staying home and watching Circle Square or Terrahawks they sit and wait for any little thing jump on.

Like this whole Cannabis company registration thing. Imagine people saying that because the company have Cannabis in its name it is definitely in the weed selling business. One man went so far as to say your business name must include the line of business you’re in. When I asked him if Massy Stores selling stores or what Laughlin and DeGannes selling or if TANA’S LOG selling logs he had no response.

To be clear I don’t know whether the company in question is in that line of business or not and frankly I couldn’t give a vermin’s anus one way or the other but oh gosh at least come with some logic to your comess nah.

However the pièce de résistance, the one that takes the black cake (vegan naturally) is the scholars that are quick to point out that the government is only doing this or that to win votes. Well duh Captain Obvious! The opposition is only highlighting this or that because they also want to win votes. That’s what politicians do. I don’t know how that is earth shattering news. What those people need to understand is that people don’t care either way, we in such dire straits right now we taking what we could get from whoever we could get it.

Anyway, that’s my rant for today. I’d just like to end with the disclaimer that I am not affiliated, connected or concerned with any political party. In fact I’m apolitical so please don’t come round me with any kinda brain dead politics argument.

Also I am not a marijuana user in any form or fashion and have no intention to become one. A word of unsolicited advice to those that are, I believe the new law requires you to notify your employer that you’re a weed-head. If you think there aren’t old school employers that would still look at you funny, think again. I waiting to see how that one plays out.


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