Having gotten his deal shot down, like how the hot girl in the party dancing by herself does walk away when a winer boy try to sneak up for a jam, Boris the Blade was grudgingly forced to request an extension to the Brexit deadline from the EU.

While a majority of the EU is willing to grant an extension the question they are deliberating is, for how long. This is not dissimilar to a man messaging his wife from the bar asking to lime a little longer and getting the exact same question “for how long?” Not me though.

So in true 6 year old tantrum on the floor of Massy Stores fashion, Boris says he will give lawmakers more time to debate his deal IF they agree to a snap election on December 12th. Like Boris realize he ain’t able with all this bacchanal and looking for the UK people to bail him out.

Meanwhile, lawmakers voted to approve the Queen’s Speech laying out the government’s legislative agenda. I’m confused, I watched enough Black Sails and Pirates of the Caribbean to be an expert on the British Monarchy and I don’t understand how Lord and Lady how-she-name could be approving the boss lady work.

I ain’t go lie, the UK is a trip. I can’t wait for the Brexit movie starring Gary Busey as Boris Johnson and Pierce Brosnan as Theresa May.


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