Today is a historic day. The UK will become the first nation to leave the European Union (EU) tonight at 11PM UK time. After three and a half years it appears the seemingly never ending bacchanal and comess is about to end. Well, not quite.

While the UK is set to leave, today marks the beginning of the 11-month transition period negotiated by former PM Theresa May aka Pierce Brosnan where they will have to finalize divorce terms with the EU.

So what’s going to change tomorrow you might ask. Well, the same thing, that changes in your life when West Indies beats England only to lose to Bangladesh. That is…NOT ONE F…shut your mouth.

During this 11-month period, the UK will lose all membership in the EU parliament but will have to continue to follow all of the EU’s rules and its trading relationship will remain the same.

PM Boris Johnson aka UK Gary Busey is set to mark the occasion with a speech and a light show projected onto Downing Street aka the UK’s version of Whitehall.

They have already agreed things like the rights of EU citizens in the UK and British citizens in the EU (which will remain the same during the transition) and the size of the divorce settlement the UK has to pay the EU (estimated to be about £30bn). Waaay imagine the amount of police the EU will send if they don’t get their money. Have no family court in that nah.

What still needs to be negotiated?

Well, they still have to come to agreement on small matters including law enforcement, data sharing and security, aviation standards and safety, access to fishing waters, supplies of electricity and gas, licensing and regulation of medicines. Yeah, nothing too serious. Lol

It’s quite amazing to me to think that I witnessed the start of the EU and now the first “non-horning” divorce from this European cult commune.

Anyway…too much seriousness, back to feting.


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