So I’ve seen this boycott list being circulated and I just wanted to add my 2 shillings. I applaud the initiative being shown to compile this list, especially seeing there may be people like me willing to take a stand but too lazy to do the research. However, I have some concerns that I think we all need to be mindful of.

Firstly, I have no allegiance to any of the businesses listed. Let me just say that off the bat. However, I disagree with the listing of Starlite Shopping Plaza as a whole. The tenants in that complex are innocent in all of this. The only thing they are guilty of is inadvertently renting space from a company run by an apparent cacahole. It would be unjust to lump them all into the same dustbin.

Although I’m currently having an issue with RBL that if they don’t sort out soon they will become the subject of a future post here, that is beside the point. They did nothing to be penalized in this scenario.

The second thing we should be aware of is that there are a number of our brothers and sisters who depend on these businesses for employment. If we are successful in making our economic power felt there may be unintended casualties, friendly fire as it were.

Finally, I’m not sure if the list is one of all companies linked to the people engaged in offensive behavior or it’s just a list of all businesses owned by one ethnic group but if it’s the latter then that’s also wrong. Guess what they call disparaging a whole ethnic group based on the actions of a few individuals?

Anyway, my message here is not to discourage people from taking a stand or making their voices heard and felt economically, I’m just saying be aware and be fair.


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