For years I have been posting my many rants and commentaries on Facebook to the amusement and sometimes annoyance of my friends. Soon I graduated to reviewing parties and Carnival fetes and then Carnival itself. A number of people kept urging me to create a central repository where they could access all of my nonsensical ramblings and expository pontification (yeah I know double point scrabble words). As a result the Facebook page TANA’S Log was born.

TANA’S Log focuses on reviewing and commenting on fetes, Mas, books, movies, TV series, restaurants etc. from a satirical, humorous perspective. I know I look like a good-looking, serious dude in that pic but I’m NOT!….serious that is. This page is first and foremost satire, sarcasm and comedy. Don’t come here with your “I’m a sensitive intellectual that don’t know how to laugh at serious things” attitude, and spoil it for the rest of us.

Anyway, after the limited success of the Facebook page, I decided to embrace technology, go one step further and create this website.


This page allows me to separate my two personalities. While in my personal life I’m a peach and a joy to deal with, the person maintaining this page is a giant tool. As such, the comments and views of this douche are not necessarily the views of myself, my employer, any professional bodies I belong to, my family, or my dogs.

Feel free to disagree with anything posted here but remember I’m irreverent, brutal and not concerned with who I offend. Suck it up buttercup!


  1. I alone control the content on this page: You don’t like it then move on. Don’t come here with no ‘millennial’ behavior expecting people to care about your sensitivities.
  2. Approved topics: anything that tickles my fancy.
  3. Disallowed topics: any discussion that involves politics, religion, race or sexual preference. While I may post articles that discuss serious topics like social issues, finance or the economy, if talking about any of the local three letter parties or the man in charge of Uncle Sam’s country floats your boat then this page is not for you.
  4. Bad behavior: I am the only one allowed bad behavior. Disrespectful, abusive, racist, nasty tun-tun behavior will not be tolerated.

Right…so with that said, as with the Facebook page, if you like the site great, if you don’t then it doesn’t really matter. I’m doing this for me.